@article{Kassoula Batomaguela Nonon Saa_Fokam Olive Kamgno_Dadjo Amouzou_Nidain Maneh_Diori Adam Nouhou_Kodjo Gamele_Koffi Didier Ayena_Komi Balo_2019, title={Retinoblastoma Revealed by the Symptomatology of Orbital Cellulitis in a Little Girl of 02 Years at the University Hospital Center of Lomé}, volume={1}, url={https://ijrimcr.com/index.php/ijrimcr/article/view/6}, DOI={10.5281/zenodo.3519586}, abstractNote={<p>Objective: Report the clinical case of retinoblastoma with unusual symptomatology. Observation: This was a unilateral retinoblastoma manifested by the characteristic symptoms of orbital cellulitis in a two-year-old girl. A first hospitalization in paediatric emergencies with standard management had allowed the regression of the infectious signs, thus allowing a easier examination of the patient and revealing a leucocoria suggestive of a retinoblastoma, confirmed by an orbito-cerebral scan. Conclusion: Retinoblastoma, which is easy to diagnose in its classic presentation, should be mentioned when we are in front of any orbital and / or periorbital inflammation of the child.</p>}, number={2}, journal={International Journal of Recent Innovations in Medicine and Clinical Research (ISSN: 2582-1075)}, author={Kassoula Batomaguela Nonon Saa and Fokam Olive Kamgno and Dadjo Amouzou and Nidain Maneh and Diori Adam Nouhou and Kodjo Gamele and Koffi Didier Ayena and Komi Balo}, year={2019}, month={Oct.}, pages={1–6} }